RO Condemns Biden’s Mar-a-Lago Raid

Republicans Overseas condemns the Biden regime’s use of the FBI to target President Trump

The unprecedented raid on President Trump’s home and office by a weaponized and partisan FBI is an unacceptable and shocking new low for Democrats and the Biden regime.

The FBI’s willingness to follow partisan instructions, overturn 250 years of precedent, and destroy our Republic’s norms is just the FBI’s next step in a march of corruption toward tyranny.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton started the Russia Hoax by paying to have the Steele dossier compiled. The FBI used this dossier to lie to a judge to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on President Trump’s associates.  The FBI then gave further legitimacy to this fake dossier by lying about the reliability of the dossier’s sources to the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2018.

Democrats, aided by the FBI, sought to cripple President Trump’s administration through the destruction of reputation, the expenditure of time and money on useless hearings and investigations, and eventually, through impeachment.

Russia’s President Putin imprisons his political opposition on trumped up charges, and with the raid on Mar-a-Lago, Biden appears to be emulating Putin’s approach.

In January 2021, Putin jailed his major political opponent, Alexey Navalny, and in January 2022, Putin added Navalny and hundreds of his associates to Russia’s registry of terrorists and extremists. One of Navalny’s associates stated that this was done to terrify ordinary Russians.

Recently, Democrats have put out the message to label Republicans as ‘extremists’ during the midterm elections. A whistle-blower within the FBI has shared a list of symbols believed by the FBI to indicate domestic terrorists. These include traditional patriotic symbols used by ordinary Republicans such as the Liberty Tree, the Second Amendment, and the Betsy Ross flag.  Will a corrupt FBI now use these symbols to label patriots as domestic terrorists?

Republicans will not be intimidated by the Democrats’ Putin-like efforts to label us as extremists and terrorists, and we will not tolerate the use of a corrupted FBI to threaten the Democrats’ political opposition.

Republicans must vote and must insist that GOP candidates for House and Senate will defund the FBI until there is a Republican President, who must agree to completely dismantle the FBI.

The Biden regime has used a weaponized FBI against a former president and a likely political opponent in 2024.  With this much corruption, can our Republic survive?


RO Condemns Biden’s Mar-a-Lago Raid