Biden to be briefly let out to lie

Today, Joe Biden’s handlers will briefly let him out of his basement where he will continue to politicize the coronavirus pandemic and lie about President Trump’s response.

Here are some of the recent successes of President Trump’s coronavirus response that aren’t getting enough attention:

Almost 34 MILLION coronavirus tests have been completed and President Trump recently secured HALF A MILLION doses of remdesivir, a drug that “that if you’re hospitalized can reduce the length of your stay by a third.”

The Trump administration continues to have an all hands on deck response to the pandemic.

And on the economic front, the Small Business Administration has approved more than 4.7 MILLION Paycheck Protection Program loans, worth more than half a TRILLION dollars.

As SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza wrote in a recent op ed, “Nearly half of all PPP loans — both in terms of volume and total value — have gone to low-income counties across the country… And nearly 70 percent of PPP loans have gone to firms with fewer than 10 employees, an important allocation since the average minority-owned small business has eight employees.”

However, Biden has a problem: He has trouble recalling basics about the coronavirus.

Last week Biden falsely claimed over 120 million Americans have died from the coronavirus.

(For those keeping track at home, in the past couple of years, Biden has said upwards of 270 MILLION Americans have been killed. What??)

Bottom Line: It’s disgusting to watch Joe Biden spread lies about President Trump’s aggressive response to the coronavirus pandemic when Biden has a vested interested in politicizing the pandemic to further his political career.

Steve Guest

Rapid Response Director

Republican National Committee