No vote, no debate: Senate Democrats emulate their left-wing mob

Today, Democrats shut down progress without even a debate. Just to keep the angry leftist mob they are beholden to happy.

Democrats claim they took a principled stand against Sen. Tim Scott’s (R., S.C.) police reform bill – which they opposed “before he even finished writing it.”

Chuck Schumer says there is a “desperate need for reform” – so much that Democrats sabotaged any hope of passing police reform this year, delaying congressional action for at least 6 months.

Democrats say it’s a “sham” to make lynching a federal hate crime, incentivize banning chokeholds, provide more de-escalation training, and launch two commissions to study inequality.

Nancy Pelosi reprehensibly laid down the marker yesterday, smearing the first Black man to ever serve in both chambers of Congress, as “trying to get away with murder, actually, the murder of George Floyd.” This after Democrats called Sen. Scott’s passionate efforts against inequality in policing a “token” approach.

It’s not about progress. It’s all about politics.

In the Democrat Party, to get ahead you have to block advancement for the American people. To get higher on Joe Biden’s list of women, Kamala Harris led the way to block a bill that includes reforms, such as more body cameras and more de-escalation training, supported by over 90% of Democrats.

Why? Because “she would have faced considerable backlash from activists.”

This is not a principled stand. It’s politics at a base-level that they think will help them in November. Americans see through it, and they see President Trump and Republicans are the only ones working towards solutions.

Bottom line: Democrats don’t want to deliver, they just want to divide.

Liz Harrington

RNC National Spokesperson