Biden’s backwards view on education

Under Joe Biden, America’s future–our students–takes a back seat to teachers’ unions.

As the Wall Street Journal explains, Biden’s plan to have a “teacher-oriented Department of Education” means “Teachers first… and hope people don’t notice the corollary is that students, and especially poor and minority students, come second.”

Biden is hiding his capitulation to unions by saying it’s “teacher-oriented” when in reality it’s a Randi Weingarten and AFT oriented agenda.

Despite the Obama Admin admitting that throwing money at failing public schools was a “failure,” that’s what Biden would do.

With Biden’s anti-school choice agenda, “No privately funded charter school—or private charter school—would receive a penny of federal money.”

This would directly harm the educational outcomes for students.

A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that Florida’s school choice program improved outcomes in public schools particularly for low-income students.

Biden has long been the enemy of educational opportunity: Since the 1970s, Biden has wanted to punish students for their zip code, disagreeing with people who claimed that their “black, curly-haired son has to be in the class with my white, straight haired one before he can get a decent education.”

President Trump however, understands the importance of education and school choice.

Furthermore, the effects of the coronavirus have highlighted the importance of schools reopening this fall. Everyone from the CDC to Dr. Fauci to the American Academy of Pediatrics agree on the importance of students returning to in-classroom learning, yet Biden’s allies in the teachers unions are living in crazy town.

Bottom Line: While Joe Biden puts the interests of teachers’ unions first, President Trump and his administration will always put students and families first.

Steve Guest
Rapid Response Director
Republican National Committee