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FATCA architect Democrat witness Elise Bean says 4300 citizenship renunciations are nothing because of 730,000 new US citizens each year

Even one citizenship renunciation because of FATCA is too many. Overseas Americans are not old shoes for FATCA architect Elise Bean throw away. Will Democrats Abroad Chair Solon join Republicans Overseas to condemn #FATCA architect Elise Bean’s statement that repeal FATCA is a mistake because only 4,300 expats were forced to renounce compared to 730,000 new […]

Ask President Trump to Repeal FATCA and Enact TTFI

President Trump’s administration is sending out an Official Tax Reform Survey to ask voters about tax reform. Please fill out the survey and make sure to mention in one of the ‘other’ boxes that he should repeal FATCA and move towards TTFI (territorial taxation for individuals–previously called ‘RBT’ – residence based taxation). Thank you!   […]

RO UK students school Jon Ossoff on how to vote while abroad

Drew Liquerman, Chairman of Republicans Overseas UK, St Andrews Chapter, organized some American students studying at the University of St Andrews to hold up signs asking why Jon Ossoff did not vote when he was studying in the UK. OPEN LETTER TO JON OSSOFF Mr. Ossoff, the citizens of Georgia’s 6th district ought to know […]

RO publishes testimonies for FATCA Hearings

On April 26, 2017, the House will hear testimony as to the damage done to overseas Americans by FATCA. For background information on FATCA, click here. Testimonies Donna Lane Nelson Video:  Donna Lane Nelson Testimony Written:  Donna Lane Nelson Testimony Mark Crawford Mark Crawford Testimony Roger Johnson Roger Johnson Testimony Daniel Kuettel Daniel Kuettel Testimony Stephen […]