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Democrat Senate Candidate Warnock Really Did Say That

Democrat Raphael Warnock released a desperate new ad today where he claimed his decades of radical comments were taken out of context. This got us wondering, what added context would benefit Warnock’s smearing of police officers, defense of anti-Semite Jeremiah Wright, or his attacks on U.S. soldiers? Let’s review: Warnock called police officers gangsters, thugs, and bullies. […]

Republicans Overseas has asked for an Executive Order to alleviate tax & regulatory burdens

Republicans Overseas has sent a letter to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, urging him to ask President Trump for Executive Orders that would: Exempt small businesses from the GILTI and Transition Taxes; Create a Commission on Overseas Americans to consider remedies for the harms done to Americans abroad via onerous regulations such as […]

LEAKED: Democrat National Convention Speakers & Schedule

Scheduled Speakers Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will perform their Joe Biden puppet show.     Xi Jinping will present Joe Biden with a lifetime accomplishment award for being a friend of the Chinese Communist Party.       Susan Rice to discuss lying and unmasking: how to cover up a terrorist attack and spy on your domestic political opponents.       How to lie your way […]

Biden’s backwards view on education

Under Joe Biden, America’s future–our students–takes a back seat to teachers’ unions. As the Wall Street Journal explains, Biden’s plan to have a “teacher-oriented Department of Education” means “Teachers first… and hope people don’t notice the corollary is that students, and especially poor and minority students, come second.” Biden is hiding his capitulation to unions […]

Biden’s disservice to union workers

Joe Biden’s cribbed Green New Deal agenda from Bernie Sanders’ and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would place over 10.3 MILLION jobs on the chopping block. Biden is onboard for a “radical decarbonization” of our economy, a ban on fracking, and the elimination of oil, gas, and coal from the power grid. And union workers would bear the brunt of Biden’s agenda. The […]

Biden: No time for a few questions

After announcing a multitrillion-dollar plan that would eliminate 10 MILLION jobs, Joe Biden did not have the guts to defend his plan this afternoon. What we saw today was Biden pushing an agenda to “sacrifice” blue-collar jobs yet not wanting to answer for the job loss. Biden’s refusal to answer reporters’ questions about his anti-fossil fuel […]

Explanation of the GILTI Tax

Not sure what the GILTI tax is and why Monte Silver’s successful lawsuit is such a win for overseas American business owners? Then please read on as Monte has kindly explained what GILTI is and how it impacted overseas Americans: Yesterday, Treasury issued the final regulation related to GILTI and the 50% GILTI-related deduction. The […]