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Republicans Overseas stands with President Trump against his unjust ‘conviction’

Republicans Overseas stands with President Trump against the tyrannical Biden administration and the corrupt New York ‘justice’ system. The Democrats are destroying 250 years of legal and political precedents and norms to keep a demented, angry, and corrupt Joe Biden in power.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republicans Overseas stands with President Trump and condemns this banana republic show trial and ‘conviction’ concocted by Soros-funded Attorney General Bragg and run by corrupt ideologue ‘Judge’ Merchan. The Department of Justice and earlier New York attorneys general concluded that no crime had taken place, but Democrats determined to jail Biden’s chief political rival twisted and corrupted state and federal laws to put President Trump on ‘trial.’

Legal experts have broadly condemned the proceedings in Merchan’s court as unconstitutional and out of line with judicial norms. George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley compared it to a “canned hunt”. Merchan’s instruction to the jury that they did not need unanimous agreement to convict President Trump was the latest abominable and tyrannical act in Merchan’s star chamber court.

Biden’s failed presidency and dismal polling numbers are driving the legal witch hunts against President Trump. Democrats are destroying American jurisprudence and trampling on democratic norms to maintain their power at all costs.

“President Trump was put through a show trial that reminds me of the communist China that I fled. Jailing political opponents is a favorite tactic of communist and autocratic regimes: Xi has jailed his opponents, and Putin has jailed and killed his. America must do better and soundly defeat wannabe dictator BeijingBiden in the November elections. Our constitutional republic cannot tolerate these communist tactics. I trust American voters will overturn the verdict of Democrats’ political persecution against President Trump by electing him in November.” – Solomon Yue, CEO and Vice-Chairman Republicans Overseas Inc.

American citizens must reach out to their legislators and protest this grotesque Democrat lawfare by voting Republican at the ballot box in November.


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Republicans Overseas Congratulates President Trump!

“Republicans Overseas is proud to endorse President Trump as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. We need his strong leadership to secure America’s borders, prioritize the rights of American citizens in our own country, and restore American leadership abroad. During the Trump presidency, there was no war in Ukraine or Israel, peace was spreading throughout the Middle East, China was contained, and America prospered. We look forward to the restoration of our constitutional republic and to working with a new Trump administration on delivering tax fairness to overseas Americans.”

Solomon Yue
Republicans Overseas CEO

Republicans Overseas Stands with President Trump Against Democrat Injustice and Tyranny

SALEM, OR – August 25, 2023 – Republicans Overseas condemns the Democrats’ weaponization of the United States judicial system and calls—yet again— on Democrats to cease their political persecution of President Trump and our justice system.

The mug shot of President Trump taken during his arrest in Fulton, Georgia marks an egregious and dangerous turning point in American politics. For the first time in American history, the party in power is seeking to jail its chief opposition and deprive that opposition of legal counsel.

The unjust prosecution of President Trump in Georgia seeks to criminalize concerns about election integrity, deprive Republicans of their First Amendment rights to free speech, and criminalize the practice of law in defense of Republican politicians. The two-tier system of justice is on full display for the American people to see and reject.

Solomon Yue, CEO of Republicans Overseas, states, “The BeijingBiden administration is targeting President Trump to remove its chief political opposition. This kind of political prosecution could only happen in Putin’s Russia. Now these tyrannical political persecutions are happening in Biden’s America time after time. The American people must demand a halt to this police state behavior.”

Republicans Overseas supports Congressman Jim Jordan’s efforts to seek out any collusion between radical Democrat activist District Attorney Fani Willis and the federal government in the Georgia court case. Democrats must cease behaving like communist autocrats who jail their opponents, reject their own radical politicians, call for a restoration of true justice, and end the censorship and legal targeting of their fellow countrymen and women.

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Biden Fact Check Online

We told you was the place to be, and we weren’t kidding.

We’ve already updated the website with a string of new fact-checks on Biden’s false claims about foreign policy, the deficit, and absurd fables about his personal life.

Joe Biden hardly goes a day without either lying or hiding. The RNC is going to hold him accountable!

Tommy Pigott
Rapid Response Director
Republican National Committee