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LEAKED: Democrat National Convention Speakers & Schedule

Scheduled Speakers

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will perform their Joe Biden puppet show.



Xi Jinping will present Joe Biden with a lifetime accomplishment award for being a friend of the Chinese Communist Party.




Susan Rice to discuss lying and unmasking: how to cover up a terrorist attack and spy on your domestic political opponents.




How to lie your way to the top!  Elizabeth Warren will share her tips for using family folklore to get ahead.




House arrest: Kamala Harris will deliver a speech on dealing with truancy in the age of coronavirus.




Karen Bass will commemorate the death of “Comandante en jefe” Fidel Castro.




Power TripGretchen Whitmer offers tips on using your authority to your family’s advantage.




Shaun King will deliver a speech calling for statues of Jesus to be torn down.





VA Gov. Ralph Northam and Joe Biden trade notes on offending Black Americans and getting away with it.






Iran’s supreme leader will thank Joe Biden for opposing the killing of Soleimani and for supporting the Iranian nuclear deal.




Black Lives Matter’s Patrisse Cullors discusses how its leaders are “trained Marxists.”




Daily Events

Cancelations list: stay up to date on the latest things you can’t buy, shows you can’t watch, and restaurants you can’t visit.

A preview of what to be outraged about today.


Planned Workshops


Teleprompter lessons with Joe Biden.





Rioting 101: A preferred list of weapons and liquids to use at your next “peaceful protest.”




“cheer and chant” with teachers unions: When they say “keep schools closed”, we say, “for how long?!”



Biden, Inc: Meet-and-greet with Hunter, Frank, and James Biden. (Special guest: the CEO of Burisma.)



Electoral Assault: Democrats discuss their assault on the integrity of our elections and how to use coronavirus and the courts to legalize ballot harvesting, implement a nationwide mail-in ballot system, and eliminate nearly every safeguard in our elections.


Acceptance Speech


Joe Biden to take the stage to accept his nomination… oops that’s all the time we have




NOTE: Since Joe Biden wants to redirect and thereby defund the police, security will be provided by Portland’s mayor.


Steve Guest
Rapid Response Director
Republican National Committee

Biden’s backwards view on education

Under Joe Biden, America’s future–our students–takes a back seat to teachers’ unions.

As the Wall Street Journal explains, Biden’s plan to have a “teacher-oriented Department of Education” means “Teachers first… and hope people don’t notice the corollary is that students, and especially poor and minority students, come second.”

Biden is hiding his capitulation to unions by saying it’s “teacher-oriented” when in reality it’s a Randi Weingarten and AFT oriented agenda.

Despite the Obama Admin admitting that throwing money at failing public schools was a “failure,” that’s what Biden would do.

With Biden’s anti-school choice agenda, “No privately funded charter school—or private charter school—would receive a penny of federal money.”

This would directly harm the educational outcomes for students.

A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that Florida’s school choice program improved outcomes in public schools particularly for low-income students.

Biden has long been the enemy of educational opportunity: Since the 1970s, Biden has wanted to punish students for their zip code, disagreeing with people who claimed that their “black, curly-haired son has to be in the class with my white, straight haired one before he can get a decent education.”

President Trump however, understands the importance of education and school choice.

Furthermore, the effects of the coronavirus have highlighted the importance of schools reopening this fall. Everyone from the CDC to Dr. Fauci to the American Academy of Pediatrics agree on the importance of students returning to in-classroom learning, yet Biden’s allies in the teachers unions are living in crazy town.

Bottom Line: While Joe Biden puts the interests of teachers’ unions first, President Trump and his administration will always put students and families first.

Steve Guest
Rapid Response Director
Republican National Committee

Biden’s disservice to union workers

Joe Biden’s cribbed Green New Deal agenda from Bernie Sanders’ and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would place over 10.3 MILLION jobs on the chopping block.

Biden is onboard for a “radical decarbonization” of our economy, a ban on fracking, and the elimination of oil, gas, and coal from the power grid.

And union workers would bear the brunt of Biden’s agenda.

The North America’s Building Trades Unions recently released a study that should be a warning to the Biden campaign: “oil and gas jobs are better paying and more reliable than jobs in renewable energy.”

The NABTU study notes, “The career opportunities for renewables are nowhere near what they are in gas and oil, and domestic energy workers highly value the safety, reliable duration and compensation of oil and gas construction jobs.”

You’d think Joe Biden would care about the job losses, yet he is willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs for Green New Deal policies.

And it’s not just job loss that Biden’s agenda would bring. Biden has pledged to raise taxes, and has said the “first thing” he would do is eliminate President Trump’s tax cuts.

When asked about the average worker receiving a $1,260 tax cut under President Trump, he called that “negligible.” Maybe that’s “negligible” to Joe Biden, but for the average worker that means less money in their pocket.

According to the Tax Foundation, Joe Biden’s tax plan alone would reduce wages, cut GDP growth, and destroy 585,000 jobs.

And while Joe Biden is slashing jobs and raising taxes, his record shows his trade policy would be a disaster for workers.

Biden supported the job-killing NAFTA trade agreement, while President Trump’s USMCA agreement is projected to create 76,000 auto and manufacturing jobs. And while Chinese unfair trade practices were ransacking U.S. industries under the Obama-Biden administration, Biden called a rising China a “positive development” for the U.S.

What’s worse, Biden is still soft on China. He continually insists “China’s not our problem” and claims “we should be helping” China.

Bottom Line: While President Trump delivers results and workers know they have a champion in The White House, a Biden presidency would be bad for America’s workers.

Steve Guest
Rapid Response Director
Republican National Committee

Biden: No time for a few questions

After announcing a multitrillion-dollar plan that would eliminate 10 MILLION jobs, Joe Biden did not have the guts to defend his plan this afternoon.

What we saw today was Biden pushing an agenda to “sacrifice” blue-collar jobs yet not wanting to answer for the job loss.

Biden’s refusal to answer reporters’ questions about his anti-fossil fuel agenda which would burden America with $4.5 TRILLION in expenses if oil, gas, and coal were removed from the power grid is shameful.

The Hill’s Joe Concha points out the double standard at play:

Bottom Line: If Joe Biden is unable to think on his feet and not use a teleprompter to answer questions about his agenda, how can he credibly seek the office of President of the United States?

Steve Guest
Rapid Response Director
Republican National Committee

Joe Biden and Campaign Try to Rewrite the History of Impact of His 1994 Crime Bill on the Black Community

In a recent NPR interview Joe Biden’s Senior Advisor Symone Sanders tried to convince listeners that Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill was a good thing, but the facts show that it was a damaging piece of legislation that led to the mass incarceration of thousands of Black Americans which hurt families, communities and generational wealth.

“Much ink has been spilled about the crime bill and I think if we are going to talk about the crime bill we have to ensure that we are putting it in perspective of the times,  that crime was rampant and many folks across the country — you know African American pastors, Mayors, African American mayors,  the members of Congressional Black Caucus were urged, and were urging for something to happen and that is how the crime bill came about. There were lots of things in the crime bill that folks would say are good…” –Symone Sanders (NPR 6/22/20)

“So, when you take a look at my record, people talk about the crime bill. Crime bill didn’t increase mass incarceration, other things increased mass incarceration and the reason why, if you go back and look, and I know you talk about it, you go back and take a look. That’s why you had the vast majority of the black caucus at the time, supporting the crime bill.….Almost every major city with black mayors supported the crime bill because blacks were getting killed overwhelmingly as well…” -Joe Biden (The Breakfast Club 5/22/20)


  • “A crime against the American people.” –NAACP (Christian Science Monitor, 4/28/94)
  • “I signed a bill that made the problem worse,” he said of the trend toward increased incarceration, “and I want to admit that.” –President Bill Clinton (NAACP, 7/16/2015)
  • “That crime bill was shameful, what it did to black and brown communities like mine [and] low-income communities from Appalachia to rural Iowa. It was a bad bill.”-Senator Cory Booker (The Huffington Post, 5/30/19)
  • “…The hundreds of thousands of Americans unjustly sent to prison for long periods of time, the families torn apart, the effects of mass incarceration we are feeling to this day in New York and all over this country, and look, the crime bill was the foundation of that horrible era of mass incarceration…look at the fact that the bill had a disproportionate impact on African Americans and Latinos…that bill was a huge mistake…” –New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (CBS News, 5/30/19)
  • “It destroyed entire neighborhoods, destroyed entire communities and we’re still paying the price and suffering from it.” -Patrisse Cullors, Black Lives Matter Co-Founder (LA Times, 6/26/19)
  • “The 1994 federal crime bill that created tough new criminal sentences and incentivized states to build more prisons and pass truth-in-sentencing laws is getting new scrutiny during this 2020 election cycle.” – Udi Ofer, Deputy National Political Director and Director of Campaign for Smart Justice, ACLU (ACLU, 6/4/19)
  • “Many consider the crime bill to be one of the cornerstone statutes that accelerated mass incarceration. But the law’s negative effects did not end there. States and localities were incentivized through a massive infusion of federal funding to build more jails and prisons and to pass so-called truth-in-sentencing laws and other punitive measures that simultaneously increased the number and length of prison sentences while reducing the possibility of early release for those incarcerated. It has been well-documented that these policies were failures.” Ed Chung, Betsy Pearl, Lea Hunter, Center for American Progress (The Center for American Progress , 3/26/19)



  • Joe Biden Played A “Central Role” In Writing And Passing The 1994 Crime Bill  (Joe Biden, Press Release, 10/25/07)
  • The 1994 Crime Bill “Remains the Most Extensive Federal Crime Legislation Ever Passed.” (The Brennan Center, 9/9/19)
  • The Biden Crime Bill Included Measures Many Experts Now Say “Helped Give the U.S. The Highest Incarceration Rate in The World.” ( The New York Times, 8/21/15)
  • After Biden’s Crime Bill, The Incarcerated Population in America Doubled, from 1994 To 2009, With 12 Percent of People Incarcerated in U.S. Jails Reporting Regular Use Of Opioids. (Politico, 5/23/19)
  • The Most Significant and Long-Lasting Impacts of The Legislation Was the Authorization of Incentive Grants To Build Or Expand Correctional Facilities Through The Violent Offender Incarceration And Truth-In-Sentencing Incentive Grants Program. (The Brennan Center, 9/9/19)
  • This Fueled A Prison Construction Boom, For A Period in the 1990s, A New Prison Opened Every 15 Days on Average. (The Brennan Center, 9/9/19)

Joe Biden’s 44-year record is finally being fully examined. His record of making bigoted comments and his long legislative record of advocating for policies that actually hurt Black Americans should be contrasted to President Trump’s four years in office working to advance, support, and empower the Black community.

Now, Team Joe Biden is trying to convince Black American voters that his 1994 Crime Bill really wasn’t that bad for the Black community, and Black leaders were really the ones responsible for it instead of taking responsibility for his poor leadership and policy judgment.

Mr. Paris Dennard
Senior Communications Advisor for Black Media Affairs
Republican National Committee