Recording of the House Hearing on the damage done by FATCA

RO FATCA Hearing team and witnesses canvas Capitol Hill

The Republicans Overseas FATCA Hearing team and some of the witnesses spent the whole day on April 25th making the rounds on Capitol Hill to talk about the damage and unconstitutionality of FATCA and FATCA Lite (i.e. Same Country exemption) before the House hearings on April 26th.

House Subcommittee on Government Operations holds hearings in the House on the damage done by FATCA

Representative Mark Meadows will host a hearing in the House on the damage done to overseas Americans by FATCA.

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Sen. Paul and Rep. Meadows urge the administration to repeal FATCA

Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Mark Meadows wrote a letter to The Treasury and The White House Office of Management and Budget urging them to take steps to repeal FATCA.

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Sen. Paul and Rep. Meadows reintroduce bills to repeal FATCA

Senator Rand Paul and Representative Mark Meadows introduced bills into the Senate and House, respectively, that would repeal provisions of FATCA.

RO UK hosts a large Trump Inaugural Party in London

Republicans Overseas hosted a large Trump Inaugural Party in London to celebrate the Republican victory and watch the Inauguration.

RO submits TTFI proposal to House Ways and Means Committee

Republicans Overseas submitted a proposal on Territorial Taxation for Individuals to the House Ways and Means Committee.


RO Israel organizes massive pro-Trump rally

RO Israel organized a massive pro-Trump rally at the Jerusalem Forever Event just prior to the 2016 US Presidential election.

RO Israel succeeds in temporarily pausing FATCA reporting

Marc Zell of RO Israel succeeded in getting Israel to temporarily pause its FATCA reporting. Unfortunately, a judge reinstated FATCA reporting on Sep. 12th.

Rep. Meadows introduces H.R. 5935 to repeal provisions of FATCA

Rep. Mark Meadows introduced bill H.R. 5935 into the House to repeal provisions of FATCA.