Documents related to the FATCA lawsuit.

Supreme Court declines to hear RO’s FATCA case

The Supreme Court declined to hear Republicans Overseas’ FATCA case, effectively ending the lawsuit.

You can read the list of  cases declined by the Supreme Court here.

RO responds to Treasury’s statement

Republicans Overseas replied to Treasury, reiterating that FATCA does create harm and that the court’s ruling is in conflict with precedent.

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US Treasury replies to RO’s Petition

The US Treasury responded to Republicans Overseas’ lawsuit, stating that they agreed with the 6th Circuit Court that the plaintiffs did not have standing to bring suit.

The response can be read here.

Republicans Overseas takes the FATCA Fight to the US Supreme Court

Republicans Overseas petitions the Supreme Court to hear the FATCA case and grant standing to the plaintiffs.

Read the petition here.


Heritage Foundation writes article urging an end to FATCA

If you’re an American living overseas, Uncle Sam is making life hard for you—and he’s probably giving your bank a headache, too.

For one, the U.S. government often taxes the earnings you make outside the U.S., meaning you can be double-taxed—both by the U.S. and by your host country. But even if you don’t owe U.S. taxes, reporting your foreign earnings to the IRS can be expensive and complicated.

In addition to that, if you live overseas, your bank is probably quite annoyed at you and has an incentive to stop doing business with you.  Read more here. 

RO seeks en banc hearing before the 6th Circuit Court

Republicans Overseas has issued a press release stating that we will seek an en banc hearing on the FATCA challenge at the 6th Circuit Court.

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Memo Released on 6th Circuit Court Ruling

This memo highlights the flaws in the 6th Circuit Court’s opinion and the bases on which Republicans Overseas can appeal to the Supreme Court. Read more

RO will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court

RO announces that it will repeal the 6th Circuit Court’s ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Lead litigator Jim Bopp, Jr. presented oral argument in Sixth Court

Lead litigator Jim Bopp, Jr. presented his oral argument in front of the Sixth Court.

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