RO will appeal 6th Circuit Court opinion to the U.S. Supreme Court

The 6th Circuit Court handed down its ruling on August 19, 2017 and found that the Plaintiffs were not suffering any harm as  a result of FATCA, and were in no threat of prosecution for not filing FBAR and FATCA forms,  and therefore, had no standing to bring the lawsuit.

Republicans Overseas will appeal this decision to the US Supreme Court.

Read the ruling here.

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Sen. Rand Paul to meet with RO Italy

RO UK Students Canvas for Ed Gillespie in the Virginia Gubernatorial Election









Many of St. Andrews’ American students are back home from school and living in the DC Northern Virginia area. Last weekend, a several went out doorknocking for Ed Gillespie and the Republicans in the 2017 Gubernatorial election.

RO France celebrates Bastille Day

James Hodgkinson is a culmination of left wing violence towards Republicans

The shooting of Republicans and Capitol Police by Bernie-Sanders-supporter and Terminate-the-Republican-Party-member James Hodgkinson is the culmination of left wing violence towards Republicans. The Daily Caller has compiled a list of violence committed by the Left since the election began. Read it here.

Interview with Grover Norquist on Tax Reform

Watch Stuart Varney’s informative interview with Grover Norquist on tax reform.


Grover Norquist urges adoption of TTFI

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform just wrote to Congressman Kevin Brady, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee endorsing Republicans Overseas’ Territorial Taxation for Individuals proposal. Mr. Norquist states, “it is vital that any tax reform legislation includes territoriality for individuals.” Thank you Grover.

Read the letter here.


James Bopp, Jr. responds to Rep. Meadows’ request for 3 ways to reform FATCA

James Bopp, Jr., lead litigator for Republicans Overseas’ repeal FATCA lawsuit, responded to Representative Mark Meadows’ request for each of the witnesses at the Unintended Consequences of FATCA  Hearing (held April 26, 2017) to provide three ways to reform the existing FATCA law.

Read Mr. Bopp’s response below.

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Watch the FATCA Post-Hearing Press Conference

Credit Unions inside and outside the US are against FATCA

IRS Medic’s interview with Michael Edwards of the World Council of Credit Unions reveals that both international and domestic credit unions want FATCA  repealed.
And at 14:22 we hear more evidence why the Same Country Exception (SCE) is a waste of time. There are already two exemptions which should protect Americans from the disastrous impacts of FATCA. Foreign banks simply ignore them! Why would an OPTIONAL SCE help anyone?

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