Summary Report on RO’s efforts to replace CBT with TTFI

Summary Report: Asian Republican Coalition and Republicans Overseas Territorial Taxation for Individuals (TTFI) joint team held 26 meetings with Congressional members on the House Ways and Means Committee, Senators on the Senate Finance Committee, and White House officials in the last four days.

Our message is if we want to put America First and increase American businesses’ competitiveness overseas, we must address a 40% premium in hiring Americans working abroad due to our Citizenship Based Taxation – double taxation on expats’ worldwide income. Replacing CBT with TTFI will allow U.S. companies to hire more American professionals and managers who are the most effective advocates for and exporters of American-made goods and services. Increases in American exports will create more jobs within the U.S.

Everyone whom we met agreed that our TTFI makes sense and is consistent with President Trump’s America First agenda. Some had personal stories to relate, like Congresswoman Jackie Walorski who moved to Romania in 2000 and founded Impact International providing medical supplies to impoverished children there.

From left: John Ying, Chairman of Asian Republican Coalition, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, and Solomon Yue, Vice Chairman of Republicans Overseas

15 Things FATCA Architect Elise Bean gets wrong about FATCA and Expats

Click here to watch a short video about the 15 things that FATCA Architect Elise Bean gets wrong about FATCA and Expats.

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7 Reasons why Same Country Exception to FATCA is useless

Please watch the following short video for seven reasons why the proposed Same Country Exception to FATCA is useless.

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RO UK Fundraiser and Conversation with Jim Bopp, Jr.


RO UK is hosting a fundraising event: a reception and lunch with James Bopp, Jr., the lead litigator on RO’s lawsuit to repeal FATCA.

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FATCA architect Democrat witness Elise Bean says 4300 citizenship renunciations are nothing because of 730,000 new US citizens each year

Even one citizenship renunciation because of FATCA is too many. Overseas Americans are not old shoes for FATCA architect Elise Bean throw away.

Will Democrats Abroad Chair Solon join Republicans Overseas to condemn #FATCA architect Elise Bean’s statement that repeal FATCA is a mistake because only 4,300 expats were forced to renounce compared to 730,000 new tax-paying citizens in 2015?

Sen. Rand Paul Testifies in the House on FATCA

FATCA Hearings Took Place in the House on April 26, 2017

Ask President Trump to Repeal FATCA and Enact TTFI

President Trump’s administration is sending out an Official Tax Reform Survey to ask voters about tax reform.

Please fill out the survey and make sure to mention in one of the ‘other’ boxes that he should repeal FATCA and move towards TTFI (territorial taxation for individuals–previously called ‘RBT’ – residence based taxation).

Thank you!



RO UK students school Jon Ossoff on how to vote while abroad

Drew Liquerman, Chairman of Republicans Overseas UK, St Andrews Chapter, organized some American students studying at the University of St Andrews to hold up signs asking why Jon Ossoff did not vote when he was studying in the UK.


Mr. Ossoff, the citizens of Georgia’s 6th district ought to know about your disqualifying record of voting and congressional carpet bagging. We can talk about the fact you live outside of GA06 and as a result cannot vote for yourself but what I would like to know is why you failed to exercise your most basic right and duty of a US citizen in the 2012 election.

It has recently been revealed that you did not vote in the 2012 election because you were studying abroad in London. Well Mr. Ossoff, inconvenience is no reason to not vote. I am currently studying at the University of St Andrews and made sure I casted a vote to make myself heard in the 2016 election as did most members of the Republicans Overseas St Andrews chapter. You were eligible to partake in the 2012 election but you choose not to because you did not care enough

If you can’t take the time to cast your vote how can the constituents of Georgia’s 6th district – a district you do not even live in, trust you to vote in their interest and represent them in Washington DC?

The residents of Georgia’s 6th district deserve someone to represent them who is willing to partake in democracy as well represent and actually live in the district they wish to represent.

I know you cannot vote for yourself in your upcoming election, but should you find yourself living abroad again – here is how you can vote.

Drew Liquerman
Chairman, Republicans Overseas UK, St Andrews Chapter

RO publishes testimonies for FATCA Hearings

On April 26, 2017, the House will hear testimony as to the damage done to overseas Americans by FATCA.

For background information on FATCA, click here.


Donna Lane Nelson

Video:  Donna Lane Nelson Testimony

Written:  Donna Lane Nelson Testimony

Mark Crawford

Mark Crawford Testimony

Roger Johnson

Roger Johnson Testimony

Daniel Kuettel

Daniel Kuettel Testimony

Stephen John Kish

Stephen John Kish Testimony

Marc Zell

Marc Zell Testimony

James Bopp, Jr.

James Bopp, Jr. Testimony