Republicans Overseas stands with President Trump against his unjust ‘conviction’

Republicans Overseas stands with President Trump against the tyrannical Biden administration and the corrupt New York ‘justice’ system. The Democrats are destroying 250 years of legal and political precedents and norms to keep a demented, angry, and corrupt Joe Biden in power.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republicans Overseas stands with President Trump and condemns this banana republic show trial and ‘conviction’ concocted by Soros-funded Attorney General Bragg and run by corrupt ideologue ‘Judge’ Merchan. The Department of Justice and earlier New York attorneys general concluded that no crime had taken place, but Democrats determined to jail Biden’s chief political rival twisted and corrupted state and federal laws to put President Trump on ‘trial.’

Legal experts have broadly condemned the proceedings in Merchan’s court as unconstitutional and out of line with judicial norms. George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley compared it to a “canned hunt”. Merchan’s instruction to the jury that they did not need unanimous agreement to convict President Trump was the latest abominable and tyrannical act in Merchan’s star chamber court.

Biden’s failed presidency and dismal polling numbers are driving the legal witch hunts against President Trump. Democrats are destroying American jurisprudence and trampling on democratic norms to maintain their power at all costs.

“President Trump was put through a show trial that reminds me of the communist China that I fled. Jailing political opponents is a favorite tactic of communist and autocratic regimes: Xi has jailed his opponents, and Putin has jailed and killed his. America must do better and soundly defeat wannabe dictator BeijingBiden in the November elections. Our constitutional republic cannot tolerate these communist tactics. I trust American voters will overturn the verdict of Democrats’ political persecution against President Trump by electing him in November.” – Solomon Yue, CEO and Vice-Chairman Republicans Overseas Inc.

American citizens must reach out to their legislators and protest this grotesque Democrat lawfare by voting Republican at the ballot box in November.


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Republicans Overseas Stands with President Trump Against Democrat Injustice and Tyranny

SALEM, OR – August 25, 2023 – Republicans Overseas condemns the Democrats’ weaponization of the United States judicial system and calls—yet again— on Democrats to cease their political persecution of President Trump and our justice system.

The mug shot of President Trump taken during his arrest in Fulton, Georgia marks an egregious and dangerous turning point in American politics. For the first time in American history, the party in power is seeking to jail its chief opposition and deprive that opposition of legal counsel.

The unjust prosecution of President Trump in Georgia seeks to criminalize concerns about election integrity, deprive Republicans of their First Amendment rights to free speech, and criminalize the practice of law in defense of Republican politicians. The two-tier system of justice is on full display for the American people to see and reject.

Solomon Yue, CEO of Republicans Overseas, states, “The BeijingBiden administration is targeting President Trump to remove its chief political opposition. This kind of political prosecution could only happen in Putin’s Russia. Now these tyrannical political persecutions are happening in Biden’s America time after time. The American people must demand a halt to this police state behavior.”

Republicans Overseas supports Congressman Jim Jordan’s efforts to seek out any collusion between radical Democrat activist District Attorney Fani Willis and the federal government in the Georgia court case. Democrats must cease behaving like communist autocrats who jail their opponents, reject their own radical politicians, call for a restoration of true justice, and end the censorship and legal targeting of their fellow countrymen and women.

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Republicans Overseas condemns the Democrats’ weaponization of the judicial system

SALEM, OR – March 30, 2023 – Republicans Overseas condemns the Democrats’ weaponization of the United States’ judicial system and calls on Democrats to cease their political persecution of President Trump.

The unjust lawsuit against President Trump in New York City, where a Soros-backed District Attorney has cobbled together a misdemeanor charge that is already past the statute of limitations with a federal crime already dismissed by the Department of Justice, is only one of the Democrats’ anti-American attempts to “find a crime to hang on a person” rather than “finding the person who has done the crime”.

Solomon Yue, CEO of Republicans Overseas, states, “BeijingBiden has weaponized our legal system to target his primary political opponent, President Trump. The Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, is following in Putin’s footsteps and seeking to do to President Trump what Putin did to Aleksei Navalny, a prominent Russian opposition figure. Navalny was unlawfully detained and has been imprisoned for 11 years and six months. This is unacceptable and must be forcefully condemned.”

While crime has rapidly risen in Democrat-run cities, including a 22% increase in major crimes in New York City (where District Attorney Bragg reduced 52% of all felonies to misdemeanors), and while the exodus from these Democrat hellholes continues at record levels, Democrat politicians weaken laws, allow theft, release violent criminal suspects back onto the streets, demoralize and punish the police, and focus their legal efforts on prosecuting their political opponents.

Democrats must cease behaving like communist autocrats who jail their opponents, reject their radical politicians, and call for a restoration of true justice and an end to the censorship, intimidation, and legal targeting of their fellow countrymen and women.

Republican politicians must refuse to work with any Democrat supporting the persecution of American citizens and denounce the political and legal witch hunts of Republican officials.


RO Statement on Democrat Weaponization of the Judicial System  

New GOP House Votes to Rescind Billions in IRS Funding

‘On Monday night, the new GOP-dominated House voted to rescind more than $70 billion in funding for the Internal Revenue Service, threatening to kill the Biden administration’s plans to dramatically expand the tax-collection bureaucracy.’

Read here for the full article. 

‘Oops, I did it again…’. More classified files found

Review Of Biden Spaces Turns Up Second Batch Of Classified Docs: Report

By  Tim Pearce

‘Aides to President Joe Biden have reportedly found at least one other batch of classified documents stored at a different location than Biden’s private Washington, D.C., office where classified papers were found last year.

A personal attorney for Biden discovered 10 classified documents in the president’s private office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington in November. Those documents have since been turned over to the National Archives, but the incident prompted Biden aides to begin searching other of the president’s known spaces for additional documents, according to NBC News.’

Congratulations to Speaker McCarthy

Republicans Overseas congratulates Congressman Kevin McCarthy on becoming the next Speaker of the House.  We look forward to seeing strong Republican leadership pushing back on the Biden administration’s disastrous policies. The Republican House must be bold and brave. It is time to restore the rule of law, secure the southern border, return the US to a rational energy policy, and defend the American people against the Biden administration’s overreach.

RO France Stands with President Trump

RO Condemns Biden’s Mar-a-Lago Raid

Republicans Overseas condemns the Biden regime’s use of the FBI to target President Trump

The unprecedented raid on President Trump’s home and office by a weaponized and partisan FBI is an unacceptable and shocking new low for Democrats and the Biden regime.

The FBI’s willingness to follow partisan instructions, overturn 250 years of precedent, and destroy our Republic’s norms is just the FBI’s next step in a march of corruption toward tyranny.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton started the Russia Hoax by paying to have the Steele dossier compiled. The FBI used this dossier to lie to a judge to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on President Trump’s associates.  The FBI then gave further legitimacy to this fake dossier by lying about the reliability of the dossier’s sources to the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2018.

Democrats, aided by the FBI, sought to cripple President Trump’s administration through the destruction of reputation, the expenditure of time and money on useless hearings and investigations, and eventually, through impeachment.

Russia’s President Putin imprisons his political opposition on trumped up charges, and with the raid on Mar-a-Lago, Biden appears to be emulating Putin’s approach.

In January 2021, Putin jailed his major political opponent, Alexey Navalny, and in January 2022, Putin added Navalny and hundreds of his associates to Russia’s registry of terrorists and extremists. One of Navalny’s associates stated that this was done to terrify ordinary Russians.

Recently, Democrats have put out the message to label Republicans as ‘extremists’ during the midterm elections. A whistle-blower within the FBI has shared a list of symbols believed by the FBI to indicate domestic terrorists. These include traditional patriotic symbols used by ordinary Republicans such as the Liberty Tree, the Second Amendment, and the Betsy Ross flag.  Will a corrupt FBI now use these symbols to label patriots as domestic terrorists?

Republicans will not be intimidated by the Democrats’ Putin-like efforts to label us as extremists and terrorists, and we will not tolerate the use of a corrupted FBI to threaten the Democrats’ political opposition.

Republicans must vote and must insist that GOP candidates for House and Senate will defund the FBI until there is a Republican President, who must agree to completely dismantle the FBI.

The Biden regime has used a weaponized FBI against a former president and a likely political opponent in 2024.  With this much corruption, can our Republic survive?


RO Condemns Biden’s Mar-a-Lago Raid

Democrats Abroad Throw a Vulgar Tantrum


While Republicans Overseas around the world celebrated the 246th anniversary of the founding of the United States of America, Democrats Abroad gathered in Paris to throw a ‘Kavanaugh is a c***’ July 4th party.

Republicans Overseas would like to remind Democrats Abroad that Democrats’ overheated rhetoric and contempt for the rule of law have led to illegal protests outside of Supreme Court justices’ homes and to an assassination attempt on Associate Justice Kavanaugh.

Democrats claim to fear for ‘our democracy’ but mourn when they actually get more of it, which is what happened in both the overturning of Roe vs. Wade (legislation getting pushed back to the states) and the ruling to limit the EPA’s ability to implement climate change policies (Congress has to make laws, not unelected bureaucrats in federal agencies).

For too long, Democrats have used the Supreme Court and the unelected bureaucracy to implement unpopular laws and policies that they could not pass through the Congress.  No more.

Democrats do not speak for Republicans, and the suggestion by Democrats Abroad France that both Democrat and Republican expats are ‘steeling themselves’ against former President Trump and the American First agenda is completely false. Instead, Americans are moving away from Democrat extremism and from Democrat anti-human policies:

Americans are rejecting the Biden regime’s incompetency and the Democrats’ extremism.

Democrats should be steeling themselves for the red wave that is going to crash over them in November 2022.


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Five Problems with Biden’s Inflation Plans

The ‘geniuses’ in the White House are at it again: making up solutions to the problems that they’ve caused. Their ‘solutions’ will perpetuate the problems and create new ones.

Vote Republican in November to put the brakes on the Democrat destruction of America.


‘After months of dismissing inflation as “transitory” and downplaying how it would harm American families and businesses, President Biden is pushing a “plan” that he says will fight inflation.

But this plan is not new – it contains many of the tax increases and wasteful spending proposals that Democrats pushed in their multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation bill over the past year.

For instance, the proposal contains massive tax increases on American businesses and energy producers that will drive costs higher. The Left is also pushing to include many of the same wasteful subsidies and spending programs including giving the IRS $80 billion in new funding to harass and audit taxpayers.

Here are five reasons to be concerned with Biden’s plan to fight inflation.’

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