James Bopp, Jr. responds to Rep. Meadows’ request for 3 ways to reform FATCA

James Bopp, Jr., lead litigator for Republicans Overseas’ repeal FATCA lawsuit, responded to Representative Mark Meadows’ request for each of the witnesses at the Unintended Consequences of FATCA  Hearing (held April 26, 2017) to provide three ways to reform the existing FATCA law.

Read Mr. Bopp’s response below.

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Watch the FATCA Post-Hearing Press Conference

Credit Unions inside and outside the US are against FATCA

IRS Medic’s interview with Michael Edwards of the World Council of Credit Unions reveals that both international and domestic credit unions want FATCA  repealed.
And at 14:22 we hear more evidence why the Same Country Exception (SCE) is a waste of time. There are already two exemptions which should protect Americans from the disastrous impacts of FATCA. Foreign banks simply ignore them! Why would an OPTIONAL SCE help anyone?

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Summary Report on RO’s efforts to replace CBT with TTFI

Summary Report: Asian Republican Coalition and Republicans Overseas Territorial Taxation for Individuals (TTFI) joint team held 26 meetings with Congressional members on the House Ways and Means Committee, Senators on the Senate Finance Committee, and White House officials in the last four days.

Our message is if we want to put America First and increase American businesses’ competitiveness overseas, we must address a 40% premium in hiring Americans working abroad due to our Citizenship Based Taxation – double taxation on expats’ worldwide income. Replacing CBT with TTFI will allow U.S. companies to hire more American professionals and managers who are the most effective advocates for and exporters of American-made goods and services. Increases in American exports will create more jobs within the U.S.

Everyone whom we met agreed that our TTFI makes sense and is consistent with President Trump’s America First agenda. Some had personal stories to relate, like Congresswoman Jackie Walorski who moved to Romania in 2000 and founded Impact International providing medical supplies to impoverished children there.

From left: John Ying, Chairman of Asian Republican Coalition, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, and Solomon Yue, Vice Chairman of Republicans Overseas

15 Things FATCA Architect Elise Bean gets wrong about FATCA and Expats

Click here to watch a short video about the 15 things that FATCA Architect Elise Bean gets wrong about FATCA and Expats.

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7 Reasons why Same Country Exception to FATCA is useless

Please watch the following short video for seven reasons why the proposed Same Country Exception to FATCA is useless.

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RO Hong Kong will host a reception for the RNC Co-Chair

RO UK Fundraiser and Conversation with Jim Bopp, Jr.


RO UK is hosting a fundraising event: a reception and lunch with James Bopp, Jr., the lead litigator on RO’s lawsuit to repeal FATCA.

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